Castello Calvacanti, Wes Anderson x Prada

A long starting relationship between Prada and Wes Anderson? Indeed, Castello Calvacanti is not the first short movie Wes Anderson produced for Prada. In April, he directed Prada Candy, another short movie featuring Léa Seydoux.

For his new movie comissioned by the fashion house, Wes Anderson brings us to the vintage Italy in the 1950s. A race car driver (who happens to be Jason Schwartzman) crashes his racing car into the Jesus Christ statute in the middle of the small Castello Cavalcanti town…how unfortunate!…but it turns out that Castello Calvacanti is Schwartzman’s ancestral town!

The short movie is a throwback to classic Italian cinema, regarded by the fashion house as “an extension of the cinematic scope of the Prada universe.” Indeed, it was filmed  in Rome’s historic Cinecitta studios, where a few decades ago, Fellini shot La dolce vita.