Oh my!!! Crocodile!


The four C’s rule instituted by DeBeers for diamonds also works with crocodile-skin: cut, color, clarity and carat. The 26-year-old Mr. Koh, who started his company two years ago, knows what he is talking about! His inspirations come from his childhood: his is part of the Heng Long skin tanners family, from whom he developed his expertise in skins, and was born and raised in Singapore, where he developed his taste for bright and exotic colors. He commented “I would say all my bags are inspired by Asian spices. Sometimes I take the spice or fruit to the family’s tannery, where my brother does some development with me. It really touches our hearts.”

Mr. Koh then studied at Central St. Martins and started Ethan K with 3,000 pounds that he had borrowed from his father. He was buying skin from him, at the same rate as anyone else, and hand-making items from a factory in Italy.

The price of his bags can go from £2,200 for a clutch to £25,000 or more for special orders and their colors, shape, quality are just amazing!