Sicilian jewels ?! What are you talking about?! The new lipsticks from Dolce Gabbana

Oh Sicily ! Oh Italy ! The two designers never stop making us want to leave our daily routine for a pleasant journey in the magnificient Island.

To celebrate the holiday season, they launched a lipstick collection with colours that are inspired by Golden Byzantine mosaics and precious stones (also seen on their clothes). Indeed, Stefano Gabbano comments :

“ I love jewels: they are symbol of power and passion. I love how they reflect the light: that’s why they have always been a part of our collections since the very beginning. We adorn with gems our accessories, our corsetry, everything like in our latest Winter collection, which is the ultimate expression of what jewellery means for us.”

The lipsticks are available in amethyst, ruby, emerald and topaz. These colors match the stone on their cases.

Which jewels are you going to wear on your lips for Christmas? You can even match them to your nails!