Jerome C. Rousseau shoes are bananas!

Jerome C. Rousseau, the brand, was launched by the Canadian designer Jerome C. Rousseau (surprise, surprise!) in 2008. His style is very modern, very eccentric (without being too much though) as well as very chic. His main inspirations are modern art, European design, pop culture and nightlife.  In 2010, his brand won the “Who Is On Next” accessories award from Vogue Italia. This is how he designs a pair of shoes “I initially think in terms of shape, silhouette and structure when I design.  It’s later on that I bring fashion in the equation”.

What else to say about him? Well maybe that he is a fabulous designer and that we should definitely be talking about him way more!

JER0011303078501_1 Jerome-Rousseau-green-high-heel-sandalsjerome-rousseau-pump mary-jane-jerome-rousseau-in-color-block jerome-rousseau-flicker1