Stay with me, no matter what, resist me, dare you…

A new song? A new book? A movie line?  It is actually any of these! These are the names of the fragrances from the new Liaison de Parfum line by  Nana de Bary.

It took her almost five years to create these scents, homages to one of the four seasons or stages of a life. Indeed, they are a declaration of love for life, its moments of intimacy, friendship, passion, emotion and love. Each perfume is made in France, using traditional methods of classic perfumery.

Which one will you dare to chose and stay with no matter how you can resist?


Stay with me features jasmine, lemon, orange blossom, rose, lily, musk, vanilla, cedar and amber.
I dare you has vetiver, amber, lemon, spices, sandalwood, patchouli, oudh, leather and amber notes.
Resist me’s notes include leather, cedar, Laban, bergamot, lemon, tangerine, immortelle, patchouli, iris, geranium, musk and sandalwood.
No matter what is with bergamot, coriander, red jasmine, musk, peach, patchouli and vetiver.