Hermès new Attelage collection

I have just realized that this is my first post about jewelry, which is strange in a way since for me jewelry is the luxury segment that I see with the most opportunities right now…First of all gold/jewelry has become a real investment, “safer” than the stock market. Asian customers are getting more and more involved with jewelry gift giving (diamond wedding rings sales are growing) and women have now their own buying power to purchase jewelry pieces for themselves.

Anyways, this article is about the new Attelage collection from Hermès.


Hermès jewelry has been associated with many iconic pieces such as the H, the Chaîne d’Ancre or the Collier de chien. Earlier this year, the Maison disclosed a new collection, to become iconic (soon!): the Attelage collection.


This collection inspires itself from the buckle found on the back of their couture gowns. It is a perfect mixture of rose gold and silver.