Fendi, to further develop its watch offering

I have already been writting about this trend among Luxury Fashion houses, which are focusing on the development of their jewelery and/or watch division.
The latest one being Fendi, which has recently announced the acquisition of the remaining shares in its watch licensee Taramax SA, taking over the production of its timepieces.

Pietro Beccari, CEO of the brand, commented that the decision came from the desire to “change the brand’s course,” and was seeing the watch category as a good growth driver. The Fendi TImepieces division will be haeded by Dominic Oliveri. The first step iof the brand’s new strategy will be to launch the revisited My Way watch, and the relaunch of the Crazy Carats, Selleria and Classico ranges. Fendi is also planning an ad campaign around “punctually unpredictable”.