Fur Now…? Shall you…?

  Winter is coming, it is getting cold and we need to get ourselves a new coat. It is also the time of the year during which the huge polemic about whether or not to wear fur remerges. We see advertisings on buses, TV and magazines showing pictures of dead animals worn as garments as well as documentaries on how they get slaughtered. But shall we be disgusted and scared of wearing them? Why are people are getting more involved when it comes to fur rather than to leather? Or even to food then!

Humans have always been using animals to survive: today, wearing a nice fur coat is more about estheticism but why should we deprive ourselves from such beauty, mixed with a sense of survival…

The FUR NOW campaign, launched by Fur Europe/The International Fur Federation (IFF), was designed to communicate the “modern face” of fur, for the young and hip consumers, and to “break down stereotypes” around what fur is and who wears it. We love it!